Our Story

Meet Gail & Marcus

Whilst we may not have appreciated it when we were 22 year olds, our passion for food and wine was ignited during our first trip to Italy.

Since returning there 26 years later and reuniting with our friends and families, some of our greatest joys include making tortellini with Franca, making salumi with Livio and picking grapes with Marco at the Volpe winery.

The passion displayed by our artisan friends is contagious and it encouraged us to develop our own vineyard in Tasmania, where Marcus's family has grown apples and pears for three generations.

At La Villa we reflect our inspiration from Emilia-Romagna where we once lived, our grapes are lovingly grown, hand pruned and hand picked before being crafted into premium wine under the watchful eye of our wine makers, Fran Austin and Shane Holloway.

We would like to say, whilst our inspirations comes from our years living in Italy, our endeavour will always be to produce wines that reflect the unique characteristics of our cool climate here in Tasmania.

Marcus and Gail Burns